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Panagsama Beach

Located along the beautiful Moalboal coast in Cebu, Panagsama Beach has become a popular tourist attraction, thanks to its diverse marine life.
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Located along the beautiful Moalboal coast in Cebu province, Panagsama Beach has become a popular tourist attraction, thanks to its pristine shores filled with diverse marine life. 

The charm of Panagsama Beach is not what is on the coast but the magnificent world underneath the surface of the waters. Here, you can find various dive schools and resorts, making this beach a great choice of location for diving in Moalboal.

Diving its waters, you will encounter its reef filled with multi-colored corals and sea fans that various fish species consider their home. You can also mingle with massive sea turtles, barracudas, and blue-ringed octopuses, among others, drifting the waters.

Panagsama Beach Moalboal Cebu Philippines
An aerial shot of Panagsama Beach in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines

Beyond diving and snorkeling, it is also highly recommended for tourists to experience the ride on a glass-bottom boat to see the rich sea life swimming beneath your boat as you paddle it around. This is perfect for those who wish not to dive deep but want to see the marine life in Panagsama Beach.

Why should you visit Panagsama Beach? Well, it, being a popular diving location is one, but many tourists who have been here cite its restaurants that serve delicious food and its bars pulsating with energy, all just a stone’s throw away from your accommodation. Somehow, Panagsama Beach has also become a gateway to the area’s alluring waterfalls, sites where to see whale sharks and mountains with jaw-dropping scenery.

Green sea turtle in Panagsama Beach Moalboal - Best Places to Visit in Cebu, Philippines
A green sea turtle food hunting at Panagsama Beach in Moalboal, Cebu
Moalboal Sardine Run
Swimming into bait ball of sardines in Moalboal, Cebu

How to Get to Panagsama Beach

The easiest way to reach Panagsama Beach from Cebu City is to ride a bus from the South Bus Terminal. Buses bound for Moalboal, the municipality where this beach is situated, depart every 30 minutes. Travel time via this option takes around two to three hours. Once you arrive in Moalboal, at the bus stop downtown, Panagsama Beach is just a short tricycle or habal-habal ride away.

If you don’t want the crowd, you can also choose the option of hiring a private car or van that will take you directly to Panagsama. Be sure to navigate with Waze or Google Maps, setting your destination to “Panagsama Beach” so you won’t get lost. However, traveling via private car or van is usually more expensive than taking the bus.

Best Time To Visit Panagsama Beach

Panagsama Beach is a popular diving spot, but not every day of the year that weather conditions are ideal. The best time to visit this beach is during the summer months, which are March, April, and May. Visiting during these times will allow you to dive and snorkel without worrying about heavy rains and strong tides.

Panagsama Beach Entrance Fees

Entrance to Panagsama Beach is 200 PHP (~4 USD). You are free to swim or snorkel if you are confident. But I highly recommend getting a guide for 400 PHP (~8 USD), which includes snorkeling gear, the guide fee, and an entrance fee. Trust me, this makes your experience much easier.

Panagsama Beach Opening Hours

There isn’t really a particular opening and closing schedule at Panagsama Beach. Travelers visiting this place would usually check in at hotels and resorts by the beach or near the beach, so you can explore Panagsama Beach almost at any time of the day.

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