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Wanna go beach-bumming? Cebu is home to many crystal-clear white sand beaches. Treat this section as your beach guide in Cebu.

Langob Beach, Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines

11 Malapascua Beaches to Visit in 2024

Malapascua Island is not short of white sand beaches. Having been to the island a few times, I must say Malapascua beaches are not the best…but. There’s a but.
Best Beaches in South Cebu

8 Best Beaches in South Cebu in 2024

South Cebu does not have as many white sand beaches as North Cebu, but it sure does have some you will enjoy. Check out the 8 Best Beaches in South Cebu!
virgin island best beaches in cebu

Top 20 Best Beaches in Cebu 2024

Searching for the best beaches in Cebu that you can visit? If you’ve never been to Cebu beaches, chances are you probably heard somewhere that it’s worth checking out.Introducing CEBU INSIDER’s Best Beach Destinations in Cebu in 2023.