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10 Fun Things to Do in Camotes Islands, Cebu in 2024

Searching for things to do in Camotes Islands? Camotes Islands is known for its caves with pools and white sand beaches. But there's more to these. Read this.
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Searching for things to do in Camotes Islands? Camotes Islands is known for its caves with pools and white sand beaches.

Camotes Islands is a group of islands made up of Pacijan Island, Poro Island, Ponson Island, and Tulang Diot islet. Pacijan Island is where most of the tourist spots in Camotes Islands are located.

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10 Things to Do in Camotes Islands

There’s so much to see and so many things to do in Camotes Islands. On this list, we’ve compiled all fun activities in Camotes Islands that we think should be on your North Cebu itinerary.

Let’s get down to it. Here are the best things to do in Camotes Islands:

1. Cliff Diving at Buho Rock Resort

Cliff diving at Buho Rock Resort in Poro Island is one of the most popular things to do in North Cebu. The resort has two platforms—one is 18-foot tall perfect for beginners and another one is 40-foot tall good for adrenaline junkies. The newly-renovated cliff-diving area also has a twin slide that leads to the water and a few sheds where guests may rest.

Buho Rock Resort is a favorite spot among local kids, so you would most likely see a lot of them around. It gets a little crowded around 12 noon as the water begins to rise to the levels it becomes jumpable. Admission is 20 PHP (~0.1 USD).

cliff-diving in camotes outdoor activities in cebu
The jumping spots at Buho Rock Resort in Camotes Islands, Cebu (CEBU INSIDER PHOTO)

2. Swim in Cave Pools 

Camotes Islands is known for its abundance of caves and most of them have springwater pools where you can swim. Bukilat Cave is the largest and most developed in Camotes Islands located in Tudela, Poro Island. It has crystal clear blue water that goes chest-deep levels during high tide.

Smaller but equally stunning caves are found across Pacijan Island, including Paraiso Cave, Heaven Cave, Timubo Cave, and Amazing Island Cave. All of them have crystal clear blue water too where guests can swim. Admission to these caves ranges between 20-100 PHP (~0.1-2 USD).

Tourists enjoy the water of Bukilat Cave

3. Sunbathe on the Beach

One thing that you will never miss when in Camotes Islands is the beach. Camotes Islands boasts quite a few wide white sand beaches and most of them are found in Pacijan Island.

Some of the best public beaches in Camotes Islands are Santiago Bay Beach, Bakhaw Beach, and Heminsulan Beach. A lot of these public beaches have no developments and are hidden from plain sight, so you can guarantee to have an idyllic relaxation experience by the beach.

bakhaw beach things to do in camotes islands
Bakhaw Beach on a sunny day

4. Head to Tulang Diot Island

Just a few minutes’ boat ride from Tulang Dako Beach in Esperanza, San Franscisco in Pacijan Island is Tulang Diot, an islet that has a wide white sand beach. About half of the islet towards the main beach area is occupied by a small community of residents. The rest of the islet is a thick lush green forest.

Roundtrip boat transfer from Tulang Dako Beach to Tulang Diot costs 40 PHP (~1 USD). Admission is 10 PHP (~0.2 USD).

tulang diot - things to do in camotes islands
An aerial view of Camotes Islands

5. Go Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching might be unheard of with Camotes Islands in mind, but the islands are actually frequently visited by these friendly creatures. These dolphins are guaranteed to show up 99%. You can watch a pod of dolphins swim, squeal, and leap in synchrony. For inquiries, contact Camotes Fun Divers.

dolphin watching - things to do in camotes islands
Dolphins swim together in Camotes Islands

6. Try Water Sports Activities at Santiago Bay Beach

Santiago Bay Beach is a vast public white sand beach near the most popular resorts in Camotes Islands. It is one of the most developed and most popular tourist spots in Camotes Islands, and it is easily accessible.

Its shallow water makes it a popular spot for beach volleyball. When high tide comes, you will enjoy water sports as well. Many beach resorts nearby have for rent water sports equipment like jet skis, kayaks, and paddleboards.

jets skiing - things to do in camotes islands
Tourists enjoy jet skiing on Santiago Bay Beach in Camotes Islands

7. Go Camping at Santiago Bay

Camping in Camotes Islands is not something on the book for many tourists, but it is worth doing. Camotes Islands has clear night skies, allowing you to enjoy an activity that is not usual.

If you have your own tent, you can set it up along Santiago Bay Beach. If you don’t have a tent, there are resorts in the area that rent out tents. Or, you can go to Santiago Camotes Camping Site about 600 meters away from Santiago Bay Beach. They have huts good for 2 people, surrounded by 100-year-old trees situated above the cliffs overlooking Santiago Bay.

camotes camping site - things to do in camotes island
The huts at Santiago Camotes Camping Site

8. Explore Camotes Islands’ Underwater Paradise

Despite its underwater paradise with rich marine life and many walls covered with living corals and sponges, Camotes Islands has yet to be discovered for its diving magnificence.

Most of the dive sites are located not too far from the shore, and many of them can be found around Pacijan Island. You will see a bunch of sea fans, gorgonians, crinoids, and tropical marine species in all dive sites.

For inquiries, contact Camotes Fun Divers, the oldest existing dive shop in Camotes Islands.

diving - things to do in camotes islands
The little living organisms found in Camotes Islands

9. Enjoy Water Adventures at Lake Danao

Lake Danao is a great spot in San Francisco, Pacijan Island for water adventures. Some fun activities they offer are kayaking, ziplining, boating, paddle boarding, and pedal boating. You can rent out a floating cottage where you can eat, drink, and chill for the day.

In the middle of the lake is a small island that you can go to through a boat transfer. A restaurant inside the lake premises serves classic Filipino dishes. If you want a serene tourist attraction in Camotes Islands, Lake Danao is the best place. Admission is 100 PHP (~2 USD).

lake danao camotes islands
Kayaks dock at Lake Danao in Camotes Islands (Photo courtesy of John Clarence Juntar)

10. Drive to Century Old Tree

In Barangay Buenavista, Tudela in Poro Island, an acacia tree that is more than 100 years old still stands to this day. In Filipino mythology, big trees like acacia and balete are known as the dwelling place of mysterious mythical creatures like a “white lady” (a lady ghost clad in white) and a “kapre” (a gargantuan, dark-skinned, hairy, and muscular creature with a strong body odor known to sit on the branches to smoke).

The premises of the century-old acacia tree in Tudela is currently undergoing maintenance.

100 year old acacia - things to do in camotes islands
The 100-year-old acacia tree in Tudela, Camotes Islands stands strong

More Things to Do in Camotes Islands

Looking for more things to do in Camotes Islands? Need help with your itinerary in Camotes Islands?

Leave your concerns in the comments. I will get back to you ASAP.

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