Badian Cebu Canyoneering 2023

Badian, Cebu Canyoneering 2024: A Complete Guide to Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

Looking for the latest update for Cebu canyoneering? Our Badian, Cebu Canyoneering Guide 2023 highlights everything you need to know about this activity!
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Canyoneering in Badian is one of the most popular things to do in Cebu. If you are wondering what’s the latest update for canyoneering, our Badian, Cebu Canyoneering Guide 2023 highlights everything you need to know about this activity, including the latest fees, how to get there, and where to stay.

For starters, there are two canyoneering sites in Cebu. The one in Badian is the first canyoneering site that leads to Kawasan Falls. The one in Alegria is newer, but it is currently suspended for safety reasons. This guide only covers Badian canyoneering.

Also known as Kawasan canyoneering, Badian canyoneering has been around for several decades. You can guarantee that canyoneering activities in Badian are safe to do. The local tour guides know the terrains well and are trained to meet safety standards.

Kawasan Falls nestles in the heart of the verdant jungle of Badian, a town located about 104 kilometers from Cebu City and about 18 kilometers from Moalboal. A perfect escape for venturesome wanderers, the journey to Kawasan Falls is filled with high-adrenaline canyoning, giving you a crazy mix of hiking, swimming, hopping, rappelling, and jumping off towering cliffs.

Is DIY Canyoneering in Cebu Allowed?

Before diving into it, I need to address one thing that might be in your head. Is doing canyoneering in Badian even allowed? The straight answer is no. Only experienced and trained local guides know the trail from Kanlaob River to Kawasan Falls. Also, for safety reasons, it’s best to get a local guide to walk you through canyoneering in Badian, Cebu. Get your local canyoneering guide here!

How to Get to Badian Canyoneering

➡️From Cebu City

To get to Badian from Cebu City, all you need to do is head to Cebu South Bus Terminal (see map) and board a Ceres Liner bus en route to Bato via Barili. Let the driver or bus conductor know that you want to be dropped off at the Kawasan Falls Bus Stop (see map). The travel time will take about 3 hours, and the fare is around 200-250 PHP (~ 4-5 USD) for the air-conditioned bus.

Alternatively, you can charter a private transfer from any point in Cebu City, Mandaue City, or Mactan directly to your tour guide in Badian. Book a private transfer online!

➡️From Moalboal

Badian is only about 30 minutes away from Moalboal. Your best bet in getting from Moalboal to Badian is to hire a tricycle or habal-habal motorcycle that will take you directly to your canyoneering guide in Badian. The fare should be about 300 PHP (~6 USD).

Alternatively, you can take a bus from Moalboal highway to the Kawasan Falls Bus Stop. The fare is about 30 PHP (~0.50 USD).

➡️From Oslob

From Oslob, board a passing bus on the highway that’s bound for Bato. The fare costs about 50 PHP (~1 USD). Get off the bus at Bato Port, then board a Cebu City-bound bus via Barili. Let the driver or bus conductor know that you want to be dropped off at the Kawasan Falls Bus Stop. The fare for this ride will cost around 150 PHP (~3 USD). The total travel time from Oslob to Badian takes about 2.5 hours.

Alternatively, you can hire a habal-habal to take you directly to Badian. This would cost about 1,000 PHP (~20 USD). The travel time would be 1.5 hours.

➡️From Dumaguete

There are two options you can take when getting from Dumaguete to Badian. One way is through Sibulan Port. Take a ferry from Sibulan Port to Liloan Port in Santander. The fare costs around 70 PHP (~1.5 USD), and the travel time is 20-30 minutes. Then take a tricycle to Bato Bus Terminal, where you will board a Cebu City-bound bus via Barili.

Let the driver or conductor know that you want to be dropped off at the Kawasan Falls Bus Stop. The fare for this ride costs around 150 PHP (~3 USD).

Another option is to take a bus from the main bus terminal to Maayo Shipping Port or Tampi Port in San Jose. You then take a ferry to Bato Port in Samboan. The ferry fare costs 70 PHP (~1.5 USD), and the travel time is 20 minutes. Outside Bato Port, board a Cebu City-bound bus via Barili. Tell the driver or bus conductor you want to be dropped off at the Kawasan Falls Bus Stop. The fare for this ride will cost around 150 PHP (~3 USD).

Badian Canyoneering Fees

The full-course canyoneering in Badian, Cebu can range between 1,500-1,900 PHP (26-34 USD) per person. It comes with a meal and a tour around Kawasan Falls at the end of the activity. Your fee also comes with a complimentary use of a life vest, water shoes, and safety helmet.

Usually, this is a joiner tour, meaning your local guides will be guiding a bunch of guests per course. If you are a group, you can arrange a canyoneering course exclusive to your group. Get your local canyoneering guide here!

Badian Canyoneering Hours

Canyoneering in Badian usually starts early in the morning. This is the best time to do the course. For people traveling from the city or airport, you can catch the activity until noon time. Do note that canyoneering activities run for 4-5 hours, so if you start at noon, you’ll likely reach Kawasan Falls at 5 PM.It’s best to check with local tour operators for the most up-to-date information on Badian canyoneering’s operational hours. You may also consult the tour package you booked online for the suitable hours. Get your local canyoneering guide here!

What to Bring to Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

As much as possible, don’t bring anything to the canyoneering. Your smartphone, towels, and bags will be left at your tour operator’s office. So these are just optional items you can bring to canyoneering in Badia, Cebu:

  • Water shoes or sandals (if you don’t like to use the one from your tour operator)
  • Action camera
  • Microfiber towel
  • Dry bag
  • Money (if you want to buy local snacks at Kawasan Falls)

Canyoneering to Kawasan Falls

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Canyoneering in Badian is currently undergoing government rehabilitation and cleanup. All canyoneering activities take place in Sangi, Alegria, Cebu, around the same place as Badian canyoneering.

If you are coming outside Badian, you are most likely dropping at the Kawasan Falls access road or Kawasan Falls Bus Stop. Your tour operator can pick you up there or you can drop off directly at your tour operator’s office, which is most likely along the highway of Badian.

Badian Cebu Canyoneering19
Passing through thick jungles going to Kanlaob River
Badian Cebu Canyoneering9
Going up and down trails to Kanlaon River
Badian Cebu Canyoneering11
Going down concrete stairs to Kanlaob River

All visitors will have to wear their safety gear (life vest, helmet, and water shoes) and go through a 20-minute briefing. Once done, you will be transported to the Kanlaob River in Alegria where the canyoneering course begins. It takes about 20 minutes to get there.

As soon as you arrive at the trailhead, you will be in awe by the coral-blue color of the water. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As you proceed, you will be treated with various sceneries you have not seen in your life.

Badian Cebu Canyoneering12
The canyoneering starts at Kanlaob River
Badian Cebu Canyoneering18
Tourists jumping off cliffs
Badian Cebu Canyoneering18
Tourists swimming in blue waters

This full canyoneering course involves swimming, hiking, rappelling, crawling, sliding, and jumping off towering cliffs (up to 30 feet). Make sure you know what you signing up for before heading to Badian.

For the high cliffs, you have alternative options not to jump, though. So don’t worry. It’s still is a worthy activity in South Cebu.

Along the way, you’ll pass by towering canyons, mini-falls, a huge dam, plunge pools, and river streams. There are also Tarzan ropes to test your adrenaline.

Kawasan Dam Badian Cebu - Waterfalls in Cebu
Kawasan Dam in Barangay Matutinao, Badian, Cebu
Badian Cebu Canyoneering4
Tourists go through canyons in Badian, Cebu
Kawasan Falls Canyoneering
Tourists using Tarzan ropes
Kawasan Canyoneering
Tourists swim through canyons in Badian, Cebu

At the end of the activity, you will be greeted by the iconic blue waters of Kawasan Falls where you can wim in its spacious plunge pool.

Don’t forget to eat some delicious delicacies as you exit the area. I highly recommend digging on bananacue (deep-fried sweet plantain glazed in brown sugar), “ginang-gang” (grilled sweet plantain drizzled in margarine and white sugar), and fresh coconut juice. There are more so be sure to look aroud as you walk back to the highway.

Kawasan Falls Badian Cebu - Waterfalls in Cebu
The main tier of Kawasan Falls in Barangay Matutinao, Badian, Cebu
Kawasan Falls Badian Cebu
An aerial shot of Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

Best Time to Do Canyoneering in Cebu

The dry season between December to May is generally considered the best time to do canyoneering in Cebu. There is less rainfall during this time, and the water levels are usually lower, making it easier to navigate the canyons and enjoy the jumps into the pools.

If you engage in canyoneering activities in Cebu between June and November, anticipate rains to disrupt your experience. If the weather condition gets really rough, canyoneering activities could be cancelled without prior notice.

Of course, safety is vital in canyoneering. It is best to check with local tour operators before embarking on your adventure. They have the knowledge and expertise to know when it is best to do canyoneering in Cebu and if the conditions are suitable for such activity. 

Where to Stay in Badian

Your Ultimate Cebu Travel Guide

Canyoneering is a physically demanding yet fun activity. From jumping off cliffs to sliding through rock slides, it’s going to be worth it. Plus, the reward at the end of the course—Kawasan Falls! If you have not found a tour operator yet, book a local guide here! If you are looking for a private transfer from Cebu City or Mactan Airport, check out this private transfer with a driver!

Kawasan Falls is only one of the many waterfalls in Cebu. There are so many waterfalls you can explore, especiall in the south. If you are still planning for your trip to Cebu, check out our series of travel guides:

Got questions about your trip to Cebu? Let us know in the comments!

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