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9 Badian Tourist Spots to Visit in 2024

Looking for must-visit tourist spots in Badian, Cebu? CEBU INSIDER has compiled all the best Badian tourist spots that you will surely enjoy. Check it out!
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Looking for must-visit tourist spots in Badian, Cebu? CEBU INSIDER has compiled all the best Badian tourist spots that you will surely enjoy.

Badian is widely popular among tourists for its Kawasan Falls canyoneering. But there are many underrated tourist spots in Badian that we think you should consider putting in your Badian itinerary.

From Kawasan Falls to a random highway with an incredible view, Badian has hidden gems that you will fall in love with.

Top 9 Tourist Spots in Badian, Cebu

CEBU INSIDER has carefully chosen this list. Here are our Top 9 Badian Tourist Spots in 2023:

1. Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in South Cebu known for its coral blue-green natural spring water. It has three tiers with the lowest falls being the main and most visited one. The 20-minute hike to Kawasan Falls is worth it as you will be walking along stunning rivers and pathways covered in lush green forest.

Above the main falls are several cliff-jumping spots and various pools and other points of interest, including the iconic Kawasan Dam and Kabukalan Spring. Unfortunately, the upper tiers are no longer accessible by trekking from the main falls for safety reasons after the destructive Typhoon Odette in December 2021 changed a lot of its form. The only way to access the upper tiers is through guided canyoneering activities.

Canyoneering is one of the most popular things to do in Badian, Cebu where guests are taken through a 4-kilometer stretch of massive canyons and cliffs filled with blue water. The activity starts at Kanlaob River in Alegria and ends at Kawasan Falls.

Canyoneering is only possible with accredited tour guides for safety and logistics reasons. Check out this Badian Canyoneering Guided Tour!

kawasan falls - badian tourist spots
An aerial view of Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

2. Lambug Beach

Lambu Beach boasts an expansive white sand beach with crystal clear blue water. Its shore is lined with small cottage-style resorts ran by local families.

Despite being one of the best beaches in Cebu, Lambug Beach remains crowd-less. If you want to chill by the beach or go camping, you are free to do so. 

When swimming, wear your water shoes to avoid the stings from sea urchins. If you are looking for an overnight beach in Cebu, many local resorts are nearby. 

lambug beach - badian tourist spots
Lambug Beach on a good day

3. Kansanto Spring

Kansanto Spring is a cold spring water swimming pool popular among Badian residents. If you visit Kansanto Spring, don’t be surprised to see big family gatherings that involve a lot of food and karaoke. 

Kansanto Spring is not the go-to tourist destination in Badian among foreign tourists, but it’s worth checking out if you want to dip into cold water. Kansanto Spring has cottages and rooms you can rent for 350 PHP and up. Admission is 50 PHP (~1 USD).

kansanto spring - badian tourist spots
Inside Kansanto Spring in Badian, Cebu

4. Badian Island

Badian Island is a small island in the Tañon Strait about a 10-minute boat ride off the coast of Badian town. Also known as Zaragosa Island, Badian Island features white sand beaches and rich snorkeling spots.

Badian Island Wellness Resort is the only commercial facility in the island with a mini golf course. Around the island are a sunken island and a pinnacle 20 meters down. While you can dive the pinnacle, the sunken island can only be done by advanced divers. A lot of island hopping tours in Moalboal offer a side trip to Badian Island.

If you would like to stay at the resort, book directly at Badian Island Wellness Resort.

badian island - badian tourist spots
Inside Badian Island and Badian Island Wellness Resort

5. Cebu International Golf and Resort

Cebu International Golf and Resort is a 100-hectare property that houses a resort and an 18-hole golf course. The resort is located on top of a cliff, providing a breathtaking view of Lambug Beach. Guests also get a swimming pool and access to a private beach.

Also known as World Big 4, the resort is perfect for golfers and families who want to take some time off tourist areas of Moalboal. They also offer island hopping tours and scuba diving. Be warned though, this resort is more targeted towards Koreans, from the menu to the TV channels, you will see them.

cebu international golf and resort - badian tourist spots
The view inside Cebu International Golf Course and World Big 4 Resort in Badian, Cebu

6. Malabago Curvada

If you happen to be driving towards Kawasan Falls or Moalboal, you need to stop at this particular spot (map below) to see the panoramic view of Tañon Strait’s coral blue water juxtaposed with the azure sky. This spot has also been a popular setting among locals for viewing fiery sunsets.

Several years back, the name Malabago Curvada did not even exist as a tourist spot in Badian. Good thing people are now picking up on this imposing view, though I haven’t read or seen anyone yet talking about it. And I’m bummed that people would have to miss it.

malabago curvada - badian tourist spots
The view of Malabago Curvada in Badia, Cebu

7. Zip Stream Aerial Adventures

Before heading out for your canyoneering adventure, why not try ziplining first? Zip Stream Aerial Adventures has the longest dual zipline in Asia that spans 868 meters and cuts through the usual canyoneering route.

This activity is one of the top outdoor activities in Cebu, a perfect alternative if you are pressed for time and 4-hour canyoneering does not fit well with your schedule. In a span of 60 seconds, you get to enjoy the views of the forests and mountains from a different perspective, plus a stunning view of Kawasan Falls from above. The zipline costs 600 PHP (~12 USD) per person. For inquiries, call +63 916-702-9591.

badian zipline - badian tourist spots
Thew view of highlands via Zip Stream Aerial Adventures in Badia, Cebu

8. Badian Highlands

Badian Highlands is one of the newest tourist spots in Badian opened in July 2020. It is a view deck 1,640 feet above sea level located along the Dalaguete-Mantalongon-Badian Road.

Because of its strategic location, Badian Highlands offers the most scenic view of Badian Island, Badian Bay, the Tañon Strait, and Negros Oriental’s Mount Kanlaon, an active volcano and the highest peak in the Visayas.

Visit in the morning right before sunrise or in the evening to see a clear night sky. Admission and parking are free.

badian highlands - badian tourist spots
The different views from Badian Highlands

9. Dapdap’s Floating Cottages

If you are looking for Badian tourist spots that are out of the ordinary, get on floating cottages in Dapdap! This community-organized floating cottages is another activity popular among locals during family birthdays, bonding with friends and colleagues, or just another chill-out day in the water.

You can also kayak, snorkel, and swim while you are here. The cottages can accommodate up to 30-50 people at a time. Make sure to visit when the tide is high to avoid the muddy coasts during low tides. Visitors are limited to 3 hours but could be more flexible on off-peak days. Food and drinks are allowed. Grilling is also allowed.

Admission is 100 PHP per person inclusive of a life vest. Dapdap’s Floating Cottages opens from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. For inquiries, reach out via Facebook or call +63 933-642-2269.

dapdaps floating cottages - badian tourist spots
The floating cottages of Dapdap in Badian, Cebu

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That’s it for our list of Badian tourist spots for now! Got questions? Leave them in the comments.

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