Manjuyod Sandbar Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines

What to See in Dumaguete: 12 Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete, Philippines in 2024

Wondering what to see in Dumaguete City? In this guide, we highlighted the 12 Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete to give you ideas to include on your itinerary.
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Wondering what to see in Dumaguete City? In this guide, we highlighted the 12 Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete to give you ideas to include on your itinerary.

Dumaguete, also known as the City of Gentle People, is the heartbeat of the natural and man-made wonders in Negros Oriental. To its north, south, and west lies the many pristine marvels and hidden gems of the island. It is for this reason that the city invites visitors to explore beyond its borders and uncover the surrounding treasures that complete a picture of unparalleled beauty.

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From the historic Rizal Boulevard to the curated splendor of the Silliman University Anthropology Museum, each attraction is a testament to the vast diversity that defines the Negros Island. Of course, we included the tranquil Manjuyod Sandbar and the serenading spring waters in Forest Camp—a worthy day trip from Dumaguete. Check out the top tourist attractions in Dumaguete!

1. Santa Catalina de Alexandria Church

Santa Catalina de Alexandria Church Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines
Santa Catalina de Alexandria Church is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Dumaguete City

With its complex architecture and historic origins, the Santa Catalina de Alexandria Church is widely considered a landmark with a historical soul in Dumaguete. Locals know this church as Going to the church, the powerful whisper of the city’s unwavering past engulfs your senses and it can’t be helped but to feel the beauty of the timeless charm of the infrastructure. For visitors like you longing to witness extraordinary architectural brilliance with historic roots in the vibrant city, a visit to the Santa Catalina de Alexandria church should be on your bucket list. 

2. Rizal Boulevard

Rizal Boulevard Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines
Rizal Boulevard is one of the top sightseeing sites in Dumaguete City

With its breathtaking view of the ocean and the vibrant skies, the Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete is a must-visit for tourists. Named after the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, not only does it add a scenic and charming touch to the city, but it also holds a cultural and historical significance to the City of Gentle People. With its recent development, tourists flock to the beautifully aligned trees for leisurely staples and to enjoy local delicacies from the nearby food stalls.

3. Silliman University Anthropology Museum

Siliman University Anthropology Museum Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines
The Silliman Hall, where the anthropology museum is located, was built in the early 1900’s in the American Eastern Stick Style.

As a traveler, what I like most is having the opportunity to learn about the rich cultural DNA of the archipelago through artifacts, traditional crafts, and informative displays. Located in Dumaguete City, the Silliman University Anthropology Museum offers you a captivating journey into the heart of Filipino culture. The museum’s connection to Silliman University, one of the top universities in the Philippines, has made it a popular resource center for students, tourists, and locals alike seeking to uncover the rich culture of the Philippines. 

An admission fee of 50 PHP (~1 USD) is required upon entrance and the museum is available for viewing from 8 AM to 5 PM.

4. Chinese Bell Church

Chinese Bell Church Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines
Chinese Bell Church is a traditional Taoist Temple by the sea.

By nature, we want to experience something unique, which is why the Chinese Bell Church is on our list of the top tourist attractions in Dumaguete. Located just along Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City, it is well known for its complex designs and sophisticated colors thanks to its traditional Chinese architecture. Aside from being a place of worship, it also functions as a cultural center that showcases the lines in which Chinese and Filipino heritage meet.

As a visitor, you will be captivated by exploring the beautiful gardens, and iconic bell tower, as well as the gained knowledge in understanding the intersection between Filipino and Chinese culture in Dumaguete. Overall, the Chinese Bell Church should be a fascinating stop for you when visiting the city. 

5. Casaroro Falls

Casaroro Falls Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines
Casasaro Falls is one of the must-visit attractions in Valencia, Negros Oriental

As a local, I always find the trek to Casaroro Falls an adventure within an adventure itself, and the experience is something I wish to share with other travelers. Located in the town of Valencia, the path embarks you through a journey rich in flora and fauna. The mesmerizing view of the fall’s descent from a towering height wouldn’t fail to give you an exquisite experience.
With an admission fee of only 30 PHP (~0.50 USD), a trip to Casaroro Falls is the ultimate adventure right out of the city.

6. Sulfuric Red Rock Hot Spring

Sulfuric Red Hot Spring Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines
Sulfuric Red Hot Spring is the perfect spot to relax in Valencia City

A relaxing escape into Mother Earth’s warm embrace is what we need from time to time. Resting in the beautiful town of Valencia, the Sulfuric Red Rock Hot Spring is one of the many hidden gems in the region. With its mystical steaming pools of sulfuric red water, it creates a magical and pristine experience for visitors like you.

On top of everything, the journey to reach the springs is a highlight of your exciting adventure as well. The constant stream from the sulfur mountains on the way to the springs is an extraordinary experience on its own and you will surely have a good time taking photos with its natural misty effects.

Keep in mind to prepare an entrance fee of 100 PHP (~1.79 USD) for adults and 50 PHP (~0.90 USD) for children.

7. Pulangbato Falls

Pulangbato Falls Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines
Pulangbato Falls is one of the top tourist attractions in Valencia City

Situated in the vibrant parts just west of Dumaguete, Pulangbato Falls is a majestic cascade with a beautiful symphony of colors and sounds that soothes your senses. The sight of the fall’s descending waters with its ever-changing patterns never fails to create a fleeting sense of dopamine that leaves you in awe. For travelers like you seeking relaxation in the beautiful wonders of Negros Oriental, Pulangbato Falls is a must-visit. 

An admission fee of 50 PHP (~0.90 USD)  for adults and 20 PHP (~0.36 USD) for children is required upon entrance.

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8. Forest Camp Resort

Forest Camp Resort in Valencia - Things to Do in Dumaguete City
Inside Forest Camp Resort in Valencia, Negros Oriental

Your escapade across the Negros island wouldn’t be complete without the experience of a tranquil retreat in nature’s embrace. Nestled in Valencia, Negros Oriental, the Forest Camp resort is a must-visit for tourists longing to experience natural spring pools, treehouse accommodations, and soothing sounds of nature. On a hot day, you will surely find yourself unwinding in the camp’s refreshing waters and the beautiful melody of the birds’ songs. 

For tourists looking forward to visiting the camp, an entrance fee of 120 PHP (~2.15 USD) for adults and 100 PHP (~1.79 USD) for children is to be paid at the front desk. 

9. Balinsasayao Twin Lakes

Balisasayao Twin Lake Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines
The stunning view of Balinsasayao Lake in Sibulan, Negros Oriental

Your travels in Negros would be incomplete if you haven’t seen the picturesque beauty of the island’s mountainous terrain. Surrounded by Mother Nature’s natural wonders, Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao (hence the name Twin Lakes), the landscape gives you a chance to detach from your usual routine and brings you the relaxing escape you always longed for. 

The Balinsasayao Twin Lakes is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Sunday. The entrance charge to Lake Balinsayao is 50 PHP (~0.90 USD) for Filipino residents and 100 PHP (~1.79 USD) for visitors.

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10. Manjuyod Sandbar

Manjuyod Sandbar Top Tourist Attractions in Dumaguete Philippines
Manjuyod Sandbar in Bais City, Negros Oriental boasts crystal-clear waters and dolphins.

No paradise in Negros Island tops the serene waters of Manjuyod Sandbar. Located in Bais City, the sandbar is often dubbed the “Maldives of the Philippines” and is widely regarded as the best destination when you want to engulf yourself in the beauty of glistening white sands that sparkle beautifully in the sunlight. As beautiful as the beach already is, you might even encounter the beauty of seeing dolphins happily bouncing in the waters on the 15-minute trip to reach the destination. 

The cottage rental costs 5,000 PHP (~89.59 USD) and the boat rental is 3,700 PHP (~66.30 USD).

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11. Apo Island

Apo Island Negros Oriental
An aerial view of Negros Oriental’s Apo Island in Dauin, one of the best diving destinations in the Philippines.

Resting off the coast of Dauin town, Apo Island is globally acclaimed for its rich marine biodiversity. The island’s crystal clear waters and marvelous landscapes such as volcanic rock formations and lush greeneries give it a captivating contrast against the deep blue sea. Teeming with enchanting marine life, it creates a paramount experience for divers and snorkelers with their underwater escapades.

The entrance fee is 100 PHP (~1.79 USD) for visitors residing in Negros Oriental, 25 PHP (~0.45 USD) for visitors residing outside of Negros Oriental, and 5 PHP (~0.090 USD)  for senior citizens and people with disabilities. However, it’s best to save up for the trip because a separate fee is required for their diving and snorkeling services. Additionally, the minimum payment for a boat rental is 3,500 PHP (~62.71 USD). It’s recommended to consult with a travel agent to make the best out of your trip.

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12. Mount Talinis

Mount Talinis - Things to Do in Dumaguete
Lake Nailig welcomes visitors upon reaching the peak of Mount Talinis in Dumaguete (Photo courtesy of Sarah Jane Custodio)

For a change, sometimes we should take a break from the sea and the city and experience a panoramic exploration at the top of the world. Located in the ascending heights of Negros Oriental, Mount Talinis is a majestic peak with verdant landscapes and blooming ecosystems that thrive harmoniously with the mountain’s regal perseverance. A favorite among hikers and nature enthusiasts, Mount Talinis has always been an attraction for those seeking physical challenge and spiritual rejuvenation. 

Before travelers can start hiking Mount Talinis, a permit must be acquired in the municipalities of Dauin and Valencia, each costing 50 PHP (~0.90 USD). A separate fee of 1,500 PHP (~26.87 USD) must be paid to acquire a hiking guide should you plan on hiking during the day. Otherwise, a fee of 1,000 PHP (~17.92 USD)  must be paid should you need a guide for a night hike. 

Your Complete Dumaguete Travel Guide

That concludes the top tourist attractions in Dumaguete. The city has it all—from the ethereal beauty of the city’s natural wonders to the immaculate exhibits in museums. However, beautiful oceans, mountains, and resorts aren’t the only attractions visitors would want. Other activities that you certainly would enjoy in the city include trying out local delicacies, and nightlife, and attending cultural festivals.

If you’re still preparing for your trip to Dumaguete, our range of travel guides can help:

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