Best Budget Hotels in Malapacua Island

Where to Stay in Malapascua: 10 Best Budget Hotels in Malapascua, Cebu in 2024

Bound for Malapascua Island? If you are looking for affordable hotel accommodation that in the island, we highlighted the best budget hotels in Malapascua Island in 2023!
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Bound for Malapascua Island? If you are looking for affordable hotel accommodation in the island, we highlighted the best budget hotels in Malapascua Island in 2023!

Malapascua Island is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. It boasts pristine beaches, alluring waters, and abundant underwater life. This remote island north of Cebu is mostly known as the place to go diving for thresher shark sightings.

If you’re planning to go to Malapascua for rest and relaxation or diving, you’re in the right place. Here’s a quick look at 10 of the best budget hotels and resorts in the island. All of these are known to provide value for money, and each stay with them will let you enjoy the island without emptying your wallet.

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Choosing the Best Budget Hotels in Malapascua Island

Our hotel recommendations are based on our personal experience. We also take into account factors such as:

  • Location. Is it accessible to basic services?
  • Internet. Is it fast enough to get some work done?
  • Price. Is it competitive and reasonable?
  • Cleanliness. Is it clean, orderly, and well-maintained?
  • Staff. Is the staff courteous, polite, and accommodating?

We also want to emphasize that real guest experiences were a huge factor when we came up with our recommendations for the best budget hotels in Malapscua Island. Combining all these criteria, here are our top picks for the best budget accommodation in Malapascua Island, Cebu:

1. Blue Corals Beach Resort8.0/104.1/
2. Hippocampus Beach Resort8.2/104.4/
3. ​​JPH Resort9.3/104.8/
4. SLAM’S Garden Dive Resort8.4/104.3/
5. Little Mermaid Dive Resort8.3/104.2/
6. Malapascua Garden Resort8.6/104.2/
7. Malapascua Starlight Resort8.7/104.2/
8. AABANA Beach & Watersport Resort8.1/104.3/
9. Malapascua Budget Inn8.4/104.5/
10. Avila’s Horizon Dive Resort8.4/103.7/

1. Blue Corals Beach Resort

Blue Corals Beach Resort proudly sits on the shores of the southwestern end of Malapascua island. This makes it a good base for your adventures, be it snorkeling or diving, or even island-hopping to other sought-after destinations such as Kalanggaman Island. But if you just want to stay in, the resort has a restaurant and bar where you can chill out. Moreover, it is also located near bars and other restaurants.

The rooms at Blue Corals are clean and very affordable, with rates starting from 1,300 PHP (~23.40 USD). If you manage to book a room with promo rates, you might get a free tour of the island included in the package. Rating: 8.0/10

Google Rating: 4.1/5

2. Hippocampus Beach Resort

Located along Bounty Beach, Hippocampus Beach Resort is a popular choice among divers because it’s a good jump-off point to Monad Shoal, the world-famous dive spot where Thresher sharks can be found. The resort organizes island tours as well as PADI and SSI-certified diving trips. And when you’re done with your adventures, you can just chill out and lie on the hammocks in the place.

Hippocampus Beach Resort renovated and refurbished its rooms in 2018, meaning you can expect to see clean accommodations with up-to-date facilities. Rates start at 1,980 PHP (~35.65 USD). These tend to get fully booked, so schedule your stay early. Rating: 8.2

Google Rating: 4.4/5

3. ​​JPH Resort

Situated about 400 meters away from Bounty Beach, JPH Resort is the perfect place for those who want to stay somewhere quieter but not too far from the shore. It’s within walking distance of everything—restaurants, cafes, stores, beaches, you name it—letting you enjoy a convenient stay in Malapascua, even if you’re on a working trip.

The resort’s accommodations are also very affordable. Rooms start at about 1,400 (~25.20 USD) per night, but the price can drop at any time so make sure to check the internet for promo rates. Rating: 9.3/10

Google Rating: 4.8/5

4. SLAM’S Garden Dive Resort

Proudly nestled near Logon Beach on the southwestern part of the island, Slam’s Garden Dive Resort is a haven for those who want a relaxing place to stay after a day of diving, snorkeling, and swimming. It’s a dive resort that has spacious rooms, a huge pool, and a relaxed ambiance perfect for a refreshing vacation before heading back to the big city.

Slam’s Garden Dive Resort is located within walking distance of Logon Port, making it a good option for those who don’t want to travel far after landing on the island. Room rates start at 1,700 PHP (~30.62 USD), but prices can go down if they have some promos. Rating: 8.4/10

Google Rating: 4.3/5

5. Little Mermaid Dive Resort

For guests who want to stay on the beach and go on dive trips repeatedly, the Little Mermaid Dive Resort might be the perfect place to stay. This resort hotel is situated just a few steps away from the shores of Bounty Beach. Its highly-rated dive instructors offer diving courses. The resort itself organizes diving trips for your convenience as well.

Little Mermaid Dive Resort’s rooms start at 1,835 PHP (~33.07 USD) per night, but that already includes breakfast—something you’d pay for additionally at other resorts. Rating: 8.3/10

Google Rating: 4.2/5

6. Malapascua Garden Resort

Malapascua Garden Resort is a relaxing budget hotel conveniently situated between Bounty Beach and Logon Beach, both of which can be reached within a 3 to 5-minute walk. It offers garden views, has its own restaurant, and is close to other dining places and dive shops, but what makes it shine are its customer service and affordable accommodations.

Guests can ask resort staff to help book tours, arrange for massages, and even assist with babysitting. What’s more, room rates here start at 1,400 PHP (~25.20 USD) per night. Rating: 8.6/10

Google Rating: 4.2/5

7. Malapascua Starlight Resort

For travelers who prefer to stay a few minutes away from Bounty Beach, Malapascua Starlight Resort is a good option. This resort offers cozy room accommodations and a shared space for big groups who come together. It’s conveniently located near dive shops so that visitors can join diving tours anytime.

What’s more, it’s situated right across a market where you can find all sorts of food—from fresh fruit in the morning to barbecued meats at night, you’ll find them here. If you want to stay here, it won’t break your budget either: rates start at around 1,620 PHP (~29.20 USD) per night for the most affordable room. Rating: 8.7/10

Google Rating: 4.2/5

8. AABANA Beach & Watersport Resort

AABANA Beach & Watersport Resort is located in the east area of Bounty Beach. It’s very close to the shores, and offers a host of aquatic activities—guests go on boating tours, rent jet skis, go snorkeling, or even join dive trips organized via the resort’s own dive center, Diversion.

Room rates start at around 1,755 PHP (~31.63 USD) plus taxes. Guests who rent a motorbike or scooter to go around Malapascua can also arrange for private parking at an additional cost. Rating: 8.1/10

Google Rating: 4.3/5

9. Malapascua Budget Inn

Nestled between Logon Beach and Bounty Beach, Malapascua Budget Inn is a haven for visitors who want to enjoy all that the island has to offer without flattening their wallets. It’s conveniently located near all the stores, dining places, and beaches on the southern half of the island.

What’s best about Malapascua Budget Inn is its accommodations. Rooms can accommodate as few as two people, and as many as 14 all at the same time. This makes it a great choice for couples and backpackers, as well as big groups looking for a vacation. Rates start at 675 PHP (~12.16 USD) for a bed in a dorm room, and around 1,900 PHP (~34.23 USD) for a room for two. Rating: 8.4/10

Google Rating: 4.5/5

10. Avila’s Horizon Dive Resort

Unlike every other resort on this list, Avila’s Horizon Dive Resort is located at Langub Beach, at the northern end of Malapascua Island. It’s far from Bounty Beach but is a perfect choice for those who want to go diving into some good dive spots like Deep Rock and Lapus Pinnacle, both of which are home to a great variety of marine life. Guests can learn from PADI diving courses and join dive trips here.

Visitors can choose from staying with others in shared dorm rooms or booking a private room for at least two people. Dorm beds cost around 536 PHP (~9.66 USD), and rooms for two start at around 918 PHP (~16.54 USD) per night. Rating: 8.4/10

Google Rating: 3.7/5

Your Complete Malaspascua Island Travel Guide

Malapascua Island is more popular among diving enthusiasts. Despite that, the island is a safe refuge for those who want to experience a humble island life experience in Cebu. Even if you are not a diver, you will definitely enjoy Malapascua Island’s white sand beaches.

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